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"Integrate the theoretical knowledge of self-development and spiritual growth into a consistent part of your lived experience. This is the establishment of lasting change. This is your evolution."


What is Embodiment Coaching?

Embodiment coaching - also referred to as somatic coaching - uses awareness and choice of the body to facilitate behavioral and mental change. There are many effective tools and techniques to use in embodiment coaching, all centered around working with and through the body to initiate deep, lasting change.

There's a lot of info out there on personal growth, but often this can lead to one becoming stuck on the surface of theoretical conceptualization. Embodiment offers a way to make these lesson learned a lived-part of your reality.

Think of it as an effective way to integrate timeless principles for a better living of life. Because until these principles become a habitual, automatic, visceral response, one lived through your body and nervous system, they aren't integrated.

Part of the coaching is helping you find a sustainable embodiment practice that serves your unique development.

Read more on 'what is embodiment?'; 'the importance of embodiment'; and 'common misconceptions of embodiment'.

The Integral Approach

Integral Theory has greatly shaped and deepened my understanding of myself, the world and my work as a bodyworker. Where applicable and when requested, I offer an integral framework to help facilitate your process.

Aspects of the integral approach include:

  • integrating the various aspects of your being

  • understanding the 4 quadrants and how it shapes your interaction with reality: (subjective interior, collective interior, objective exterior, collective exterior)

  • stages of development according to various developmental models

  • the embodiment of types (e.g. masculine and feminine, archetypes, personality types)

Core Themes I can Help With

Ultimately any theme or issue can be worked on through embodiment coaching, however I have particular experience and interest with the following topics:

  • Intimate Relationships

    • embodied intimcay

    • authenticity & communication

    • polarity

    • relationship conflict

  • Assertiveness & People-pleasing

    • finding the roots of the people-pleasing tendency

    • unpacking the deceptiveness of people-pleasing

    • embodying healthy assertiveness

    • breaking through blocks to owning your power

  • Embodied Masculinity

    • healthy, heart-intent masculinity

    • male sexuality

    • your unique expression over what is portrayed in society and social media

  • Shadow Work

    • recognizing positive and negative projections

    • 3-2-1-0 process of re-owning and integrating shadow aspects of the personality

    • integrating and transcending rather than rejecting and disowning stages of development according to integral theory framework

    • embodiment practices which facilitate shadow integration

Who You Are

I am excited to help out anyone who is interested in working through the body to initiate high impact changes in their life.

Specifically you...

  • are interested in an integral approach to personal development and spiritual growth

  • have done a fair amount self-development work, but have not yet used body awareness

  • know all the 'theory', but struggle to cement lasting changes

I am particularly interested in working with men who...

  • struggle with assertiveness / nice-guy tendencies

  • are interested in becoming a better partner in their relationship



If you feel that embodiment could help you in your current development, please click below to book into a free introductory call to see if we can work together. 

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