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This is more than a classic relaxation massage or 'wellness massage', which is a common style done on a table with oil.

My deep tissue massage is also given on a table but instead of oil, I use wax, which gives me more grip to allows me to work more precisely on the body. I use a range of massage techniques including gliding strokes and kneading

common to classic massage, but also myofascial release, Thai massage techniques, trigger point work, soft tissue release and deep-tissue techniques.

I determine the appropriateness of each technique by the client's personal needs at the time.

The effects and benefits of deep tissue massage include: relaxation, relief from tension, more mobility, pain relief, stress relief.

I offer Deep Tissue Massage in three time-frames:

[ 30 mins ] Back, Neck and Shoulders

[ 60 mins ] 2-3 focused areas of your choice

[ 90 mins ] Full Body

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