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My Path


I have found myself on the path of integral embodiment and holistic bodywork as part of a deeper personal journey of self-development and spiritual growth. I first learnt about Buddhism and eastern spirituality whilst studying Philosophy, Anthropology and Asian Art History. During these younger years, I was introduced to yoga as an athlete in 2012. What begun as a glorified weekly stretching routine, has since evolved into a deeper practice, through which I explore the subtleties of the body and the profound connections between body, mind and breath. An interest in yoga led me to the realization that perhaps what I was discovering about the body could also be applied in other ways to other people. In 2017, I started out with my first training in Swedish massage and have since trained in Traditional Thai Massage and Holistic Bodywork.


Through yoga, pyschedlics and meditation, I have gained insights into the complexities of the body, the dynamics of subtle energy system(s), and how our emotional histories are stored within the body. I aim to help others by facilitating body-consciousness through sharing my knowledge and insights. Outside bodywork and training, I have a breadth of knowledge in: pyschology, personal development, Integral Theory, yoga philosophy, Buddhism and Taoism.

Fascinated by existence, a life pursuit of mine is to understand the depths of the human condition, in all its complexities. With an innate motivation to help others and a fascination of mind-body relations, pursuing an integral approach to bodywork and embodiment has become a clear life path. As a committed life-long student, I continue to seek tools for facilitating healing, embodiment and personal growth.


Holistic massage is massage specifically tailored to you as a person and focuses on your specific needs - you are seen as whole person, not just as ‘a body’. I take into account your emotional, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing and the impact of your lifestyle on your health. Holistic massage is a nurturing process that follows no fixed routine and focuses on more aspects than just superficial aches and pains.

The art of holistic massage is about sensing and being conscious


It is a dialogue with the body, some-thing intuited deeply. Guided by intuition and with an ethos of tranquility and respect, my treatments not only aim to relieve symptoms, but they aim to bring about more body-consciousness.

Through this process of embodi-ment you develop better self-care and to become masters of your own physical and mental wellbeing. Embodiment also allows you to engage with the world through the experiences felt in your body and through your body.


[ the integral approach ]

The Meaning

 [ behind the name ]

'Samatha' means calm, tranquility or serenity in Sanskrit. It is only when our minds are calm and our bodies relaxed, that we can operate at our optimum. Accessing inner serenity serves an important step in unlocking our full potential. 

 [ behind the symbol ]

The serpent is an old mythological symbol and can represent varied things in different cultures. In eastern cultures a coiled snake is associated with life force energy. In western culture we know it as a symbol of medicine or healing. I was drawn to this symbol long before having taken the path of bodywork. As a symbol of healing and transformation, the snake perfectly represent the mission behind my work...


SAMATHA_Aktualisiertes Logo_tucantan.png












The Mission


Aside from injuries and fatigue, physical symptoms can be signs of misbalance - they can be greater manifestations of our internal emotional condition.

I see all types of bodywork as a a mode of therapeutic healing. Not only does massage relieve muscular tension and restore natural balance to the numerous systems that regulate our bodies, massage is also a natural way to restore a healthy mind-body connection, which ultimately reduces stress.

My work promotes and activatesthe body's innate capacity to heal. Healing takes place when our nervous systems are in a parasympathetic state. Cultivating Samatha through massage is a means by which our bodies can regulate themselves into the parasympathetic state - the state required for healing to take place.

Image by Jason Schjerven

Consciousness isn’t just in the head. 

Nor is it a question  of the power of the mind over
the body, because they’re flip sides of the same thing.

Mind doesn’t dominate body, it becomes body.

Candace Pert



 [ qualifications ]


Bachelor of Philosophy & History of Art

at University of Leeds

ITEC Diploma of Holistic Massage | Quantum Meta 

at ITEC London, Level 3 Massage Diploma


Certified Thai Massage Practitioner | Thai Alliance

with Pascal Beaumart's Holistic Bodywork, Germany


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 [ knowledge of movement arts

  & spiritual practices ]

-  Tai Chi

-  Qi Gong

-  Calithenics


-  Ashtanga Yoga

-  Sivanada Yoga

-  Meditation

    (Samatha, Mantra, Zazen)


My massage treatments aim to relieve muscular tension, increase mobility and relieve stress. However I am not a physiotherapist nor an osteopath, and do not make claims to cure diseases or give medical diagnosis. Please do not substitute any medical treatments given by a doctor or another certified healthcare practitioner with massage treatment, unless advised to do so. If I believe necessary, I may refer you onto other manual therapists if my skill set is unable to effectively treat your issue. 

 [ disclaimer ]




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