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[ functional strength | calisthenics | mobility ]

I offer personal training in calisthenics, mobility, and weight loss. I always follow an integrated approach, assessing how training in each area can best aid the others. For example, how does weight training help bodyweight skills, and hows does the bodyweight skill help yoga practice, in turn opening the body up for great mobility and stability?

I have a lot of firsthand experience in several disciplines and understand how to tailor training plans according to body types, goals and various sports. I feel called upon to share my knowledge and skills with others who are wanting to improve their physical condition and explore embodied living.


I have always been passionate optimizing physical health and conditioning. I spent a long athletic career as a rower, competing in the tops leagues across the UK and the USA. I learnt all aspects of endurance training, strength training, cardio, nutrition, stretching, weight-lifting, and much more.

My athletic career lead me to an exploration of yoga, particularly Ashtanga yoga which has a focus on alignment and strength conditioning. Yoga further lead me to calisthenics (bodyweight training), both of which continue as a core element of my personal development.

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Tap into undiscovered strength, learn calisthenics skills and find new levels of mobility that you never dreamed possible.

I can help you become focused and reach your goals. Perhaps you're a beginner interested in bodyweight training, or you want to loose some weight. Maybe you're curious about mobility training and desire to become more flexible. After an accumulated time of literally weeks on rowing machines, I know what it takes to train unbreakable endurance. As a naturally gifted runner, I can help refine your technique allowing you to cover long distances with ease. Not only do I teach effective programs and exercises, but I give you the knowledge that’ll make you your own best coach.



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I offer 1:1 result-focused personal training.​ 


With a free 30 mins consultation via zoom we work out your specific goals. 


I then decide on an individualized approach and a tailored training program to take you to your desired goals.

The first session includes an assessment of your postural patterns, overall strength, flexibility & mobility.

Curious? Book your free consultation session now.

If you decide to work with me, you pay up front for the training package. You can then book the individual sessions online. Ideally these would be weekly.

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