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My Path


I've found myself on the path of bodywork and embodiment as part of a deeper personal journey of self-development and spiritual growth. Studying Philosophy, Anthropology and Asian Art History first brought me into contact with Buddhism and eastern spirituality. During these younger years, I was introduced to yoga as an athlete in 2012. What begun as a glorified weekly stretching routine, evolved steadily into a deeper embodiment practice, through which I explored the subtleties of the body and the profound connections between body, mind and breath. My yoga practice in-part led me into the world of bodywork, and in 2017 I started my first training in holistic massage and have since trained in Traditional Thai Massage and Holistic Bodywork.

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Through my continual exploration of embodiment practices and meditation, I have gained insights into the complexities of the body, the dynamics of subtle energy system(s), and crucial elements of the mind-body continuum. My approach to body-based practices is shaped by my understanding of psychology, personal development, Integral Theory, yoga philosophy and Buddhism. Click here to see list of influences and disciplines. 

Fascinated by existence, a life pursuit of mine is to understand the depths of the human condition, in all its complexities. With an innate motivation to help others and a fascination of mind-body relations, pursuing an integral approach to bodywork and embodiment has become a clear life path. As a committed life-long student, I continue to seek tools for facilitating healing, embodiment and personal growth.

My Mission


[ the integral approach ]

My mission is to empower people through embodiment, specifically  using an integral approach to the body and body-based practices. I help others by facilitating body-consciousness through various disciplines including functional training, yoga and bodywork. With integral body-consciousness we learn to inhabit our bodies more fully, and thus discover our selves more deeply. This is  embodiment as I have experienced it. 


Through this process of embodiment we develop better self-care and become masters of our own physical and mental wellbeing. Embodiment allows us to engage with the world through the experiences felt in the body and through the body. When working one–on–one, I always individualize sessions on a principle-based approach that focuses on your specific needs. You are seen as a whole person, not just 'a body'.

Consciousness isn’t just in the head. 

Nor is it a question of the power of the mind over the body, because they’re flip sides of the same thing. 

Mind doesn’t dominate body, it becomes body.

– Candace Pert



 [ qualifications & trainings ]


Bachelor of Arts | Philosophy & History of Art

at University of Leeds

Holistic Massage | Quantum Metta 

ITEC Level 3 Massage Diploma, London


Holistic Bodywork - Year 1 | BeAumArt

certified Thai Massage Practitioner with Thai Alliance


Dearmouring Basic Training | Dearmouring Arts

120 hours of training

ITEC Certificate.png


[ click to see in full size ]

Certification of Embodiment Coaching | Embodiment Unlimited

6 months training, online


Therapeutic Thai Basic |

4 day intensive training with Christian Jeukens


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 [ disclaimer ]

My massage treatments aim to relieve muscular tension, increase mobility and relieve stress. However I am not a physiotherapist nor an osteopath, and do not make claims to cure diseases or give medical diagnosis. Please do not substitute any medical treatments given by a doctor or another certified healthcare practitioner with massage treatment, unless advised to do so. If I believe necessary, I may refer you onto other manual therapists if my skill set is unable to effectively treat your issue. 

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