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Deep Tissue



This is more than a classic relaxation massage, also known as Swedish massage or Wellness massage, which is a common style done on a table with oil.

Holistic Deep Tissue is also done on a table but instead of oil, I use a Shea butter mixture with Jojoba oil and essential oils, which gives me more grip to give more precise work on the body. This mixture also nourishes your skin, leaving it feel enriched and smooth!

I use a range of massage techniques including gliding strokes & kneading common to classic massage, but also myofascial release, Thai massage techniques, trigger point work, soft tissue release and deep-tissue techniques.
I determine the appropriateness of each technique by the client's personal needs at the time.

The effects and benefits of Holistic Deep Tissue Massage include: relaxation, relief from tension, more mobility, pain relief, stress relief.

I offer Deep Tissue Massage in three time-frames:

[ 30 mins ] Back, Neck and Shoulders

[ 60 mins ] 2-3 focused areas of your choice

[ 90 mins ] Full Body

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Traditonal Thai



Traditional Thai massage was founded about 2500 years ago by monk and healer, Jivago Kumara Bhaccha, a contemporary of Buddha and personal physician of the Magadha king, Bimbisara. It has since been developed on influences from India, China and Thai traditions.


A complete Thai Massage is given to a fully-clothed recipient on a mat, on the floor. The massage incorporates a combination of acupressure, joint mobilization, yoga-like stretching and dynamic rocking. Thai Massage is different from many Western forms of massage in that there is no oil used and it is often described as having someone "do yoga to you". Think of it as dynamic conscious movement.

Thai Massage can be beneficial for many therapeutic purposes: relaxation, relief from muscle tension, back, neck and shoulder pain, relief from headaches and sinuses, and improved circulation. Areas of ongoing research include Thai Massage’s ability to improve circulation, flexibility, and muscle tone. This blend of acupressure and stretching is especially beneficial for those who are stiff, sore, and tired from overexertion in work or sports, or from arthritis or other disorders affecting mobility.

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In a Deep Tissue - Thai Fusion massage, I combine both, the 5 element approach of Ayurvedic Thai Massage with Myofascial Release, aiming to target imbalances in both the body's deeper tissues and the various energetic qualities of our being.

Given on a matt, sometimes working directly on the the body with small amounts of Shea Butter, this massage incorporates the best of these two modalities. In the deeper-tissue work, I target deep muscles and fascial structure to release tension and help the body's natural alignment.


Whilst the Thai Massage componants also significantly help with muscles tension and alignment issues, the more energetic sensibility of this modality helps with energetic and emotional blockages. The 5 element approach of ayurvedic Thai massage focus on balancing out the qualities in your body with appropriate qualities of touch: space, air, fire, water & earth. In doing so, your body's bio-energy is able to flow more easily through the various meridians, helping with you feel a sense of vitality and emotional ease.

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[ working with the 5 elements ]

Mobile Massages



*For visits, I offer Table Massage, Thai Massage (minimum space = c. 20m²) and Thai-Chair Massage.

[ events & workspaces ]

Prices for events and office massages are

20 € for 20 min / or  30 € for 30 min.

The minimum booking for events is 8 people.


As part of your booking, I will send an intake form with times for customers to sign up for.

[ private visits ]

Prices for private massages at home or hotel rooms start from 60 mins. You can check my normal prices here.

1 hour total travel time = 15 Euros

1 hour + total travel time = 30 Euros

(Starting Point from Berlin 10247)

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