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"The way out is through."



You are in the midst of a personal re-orientation process, be that spiritually, socially, psychologically or emotionally. Often the case is that one of these areas accompanies another, and perhaps you are experiencing challenges in several areas of your life. You are open-minded and committed. Despite the how daunting the process appears, you are hopeful and courageous.

Perhaps it has become clear to you that certain physical afflictions you experience carry a deeper dimension. You are curious as to how they relate to either your emotional body and mental body, or both.

Perhaps you are disconnected from your body and would like a more embodied existence: you desire a more attuned connection between your inner world and physical body.

Perhaps you wish to become better at listening to your intuition: that "gut feeling".

In any case, you want change. You are focused on resolution, not symptom management. You see the way in which you are operating no longer serves you, yet you realize you need to seek an external force to assist you in establishing a new mode of operating in the world through your body.


I offer assistance in exploring how your body relates to other areas of your holistic being: social, mental, spiritual and emotional. In a sense, strengthening the somatic connections between your body, emotions, mind and spirit. This embodiment is crucial towards reaching your fullest potential.

I avoid seeing myself or presenting myself as a "healer", as the term healing indicates that there is something wrong with you and that you need fixing. First and foremost on a path to embodied being, is to recognize we are never defect. To this end I act as a integrally-informed facilitator, working instead on the basis of integration. I believe many of our afflictions (physical, emotional, mental) stem from unintegrated emotional charge or poor lifestyle habits. Suppressed and unintegrated emotions can manifest in various ways, but all sabotage our inner-peace and hinder us fulfilling our true potential.

I work from a number of teachings, research discoveries and influences including: Tom Myer's Anatomy Trains, Gabor Maté's Compassionate Listening, Buddhist Dharma, Thomas Hublé, Candece Pearce's Molecules of Emotion, Peter Levine, Ken Wilber's Integral Theory, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Michael Brown's The Presence Process, and Polyvagal Theory.

The way out is through. That is integration. Feel through what needs to be felt. Be guided by your body. Change your body to change your mind. Experience embodied being and discover your true holistic being.



[ aim ]

Through a series of Holistic Bodywork sessions we aim to:


Identify ways in which your body reflects your inner make-up and particular unintegrated emotional charge.


Find ways in which we can integrate, discharge and remove emotional blockages within your bioenergetic body.


Embody new ways of being which we decide would bring about beneficial changes in your life.

We work through either:

  • a top-down approach (mental / social → body / emotional)

  • or bottom-up approach (physical / emotional → mental / social)

  • or a combination of both

We are not looking for a final, done-and-dusted quick-fix. No, our integration process is a life-long process. To facilitate that, we require new insights and ways of cultivating embodiment. Through each session we aim to establish something new that'll ultimately assist you integrate charged emotion, develop healthier habits and abide harmoniously in all facets of holistic being.


[ sessions outline ]

During a session, we first identify your personal issue and explore the topics together verbally. Through this dialogue, we set out with a specific goal and intention. After which, we will agree on what we both believe would be the most beneficial approach for that particular session. We then move into the Holistic Bodywork using either hands-on approaches, hand-offs, or a combination of both.


[ techniques and approaches ]

When working hand-ons, I offer a range of bodywork techniques including Thai massage, myofascial release, yoga asana, deep tissue, and cranio-sacral techniques. When working hands-off, I offer somatic awareness coaching, breathwork, compassionate inquiry, mindset training and subconscious reprogramming techniques.

Every session is conducted in the safe space of my studio. I receive you with compassion exactly as you are in the moment. I have an authentic desire to understand your condition, so there's no need of any pretense or fear of being judged.



If you have a feeling that I could help you in your current integration process, please get in touch and we can arrange a free 60 mins introductory session either in person or via Skype. After the initial session, you can decide whether Holistic Bodywork might be of service to you. Should you wish to continue, I recommend six sessions with no longer than 2 weeks between each.

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