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Upcoming Events

  • The Dangers of Porn & Transmuting Lust
    Mon, 19 Jun
    This is a 1-hour webinar on the the negative impact of porn, overcoming addiction and how to transmute lust which is reinforced by pornography.
  • Harnessing Sexual Energy
    Mon, 17 Jul
    This is a 1-hour webinar on semen retention, ejaculation control, leaky energy, controlling lust & fantasies and ways of practicing safely.
  • Intro to Integral Theory & Spiral Dynamics
    Mon, 21 Aug
    This is a 1-hour introduction webinar on Integral Theory & Spiral Dynamics. This presents a comprehensive framework for integrating the many different areas of the human experience and conflicting paths to development.
  • Integral Masculinity
    Mon, 18 Sept
    This is a 1-hour webinar builds on the knowledge of the last webinar on Integral Theory, and presents the concept of Integral Masculinity: masculinity which is progressive, yet doesn't throw the baby out with the bath water.
  • Navigating Conflict in Relationship
    Mon, 23 Oct
    This is a 1-hour webinar on how to avoid the common pitfalls men often fall into in their relationships. It goes into nuances ways of relating with feminine and becoming a trusted leader.
  • Embodying the 4 Masculine Archetypes
    Mon, 20 Nov
    This is a 1-hour webinar on how to embody the archetypes of lover, magician, warrior & king.
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