"The way out is through."



The term Dearmouring comes from the body-based psychotherapy of Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s, whose methods were later developed upon by many of his students and practitioners of other modalities.


However, the practice  of dearmouring itself owes its roots to far older shamanic traditions of many cultures, each using their own techniques and tools.


In short, dearmouring is the process of removing the layers of emotional tension which inhibit us from being our true selves and experiencing deeper pleasure and more vibrancy. These layers occur on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It is about removing that which keeps us stagnant and in pain.


There are many approaches and techniques utilized in this work including breath work, bodywork, energy work and talk-therapy & coaching tools.


I personally focus on using external bodywork and energy work for dearmouring.


Dearmouring bodywork is focused on releasing deep-seeded chronic tension patterns, which store unresolved emotional imprints and stagnant energetic blockages. These blockages are created over years of stress, thought-patterns, social programming, repressed emotions and trauma.


This ‘armor’ was a protection response. We numbed ourselves to avoid being overwhelmed by a particular situation. In these cases we didn’t have the capacity to fully feel and process the pain of traumatic life experiences.


Hard, contracted, dense tissue stops the flow of energy. Emotions are energy in motion. The tense tissue then creates blocked energetic pathways. The tissues then ended up holding the energy of emotions.


On one level, this is quite simply a physiological trauma response held in the nervous system. More and more researchers in many fields are verifying this key element of what it is to be a human.


Our nervous system gets activated in a certain way from an experience, yet we humans have an uncanny ability not to process these things, which leaves the neurological trauma response stuck in the system, ready to be activated again by anything we interpret as a similar experience.


For more on this I recommend reading the work of Peter Levine and Stephen Porges.


Dearmouring bodywork uses pressure points to stimulate and increase the flow of energy in the body.


Particular areas of the body store different unexpressed or unreleased emotions.


When I first learnt of this theory, I remained slightly skeptical until through my own dearmouring journey and experiences in various bodywork modalities, I have been able to attest to the fact that predictable emotions are released in certain areas of our bodies.


Dearmouring is often focused on healing sexual trauma with internal massage, particular yoni / vaginal dearmouring. However, I am not offering yoni or anal dearmouring sessions, instead focusing on external body dearmouring.

Results from dearmouring bodywork:


- a deep relaxed state of energetic vibrancy

- increased sexual pleasure

- ease in centering oneself

- clarity of mind

- ease in self expression and assertion of boundaries

- a more subtle sensibility to one’s body, energy and emotions

- integrated connection of energy centers

- resurfacing memories for insight, understanding, and resolution



Having recently completed my training, I am currently offering practices sessions on weekends, donation based. If you have a feeling that dearmouring could help you through your process, please get in touch below.