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Foundations of Presence 30 Day Challenge

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Presence is the cornerstone to embodying healthy masculine energy. It's essential to living a life of purpose, integrity and truth; as well as for self-awareness, emotional processing & healing. The 30-day, self-pace challenge is designed to give you an embodied experience of what living with deep presence really is. It present the 4 pillars I have discovered & tested over 5 years: 1) Flexible Nervous System: This is training resilience & regulation capacities. Cold showers, martial arts, sweat lodges or deep breathing into edge-range stretching. 2) Semen Retention: Your cum is your life force. That’s not some woo woo make believe, it’s legit. The amount of sexual energy you have cultivate dictates the depth of your feeling-consciousness. Therefore to cultivate presence you refrain from ejaculation. 3) Regular Embodied Movement: A movement practice that incorporates synchronization of breath with movement and/or partner practice, like contact improv, qi gong, martial arts, dancing or yoga. Practice 2-3 times a week. 4) Complete Sobriety: The use of alcohol & drugs are coping mechanisms to avoid having to feel the discomfort of emotions. Numbing is the opposite to being present. For 30 days you commit to these 4 pillars and set a new foundation that will completely transform your life.



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